Lectures, Papers, Conferences

Conferences & panels organized

2022.   VANDA-3 Vienna Anthropology Days. Conference co-organizer, September 26-30, Vienna

2020.   VANDA-2 Vienna Anthropology Days. Conference co-organizer, September 28 – October 1, Vienna

2017.   9th International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines (ICTAM9): Asian Medical Industries: Contemporary Perspectives on Traditional Pharmaceuticals. Panel organizer and chair, August 8, Kiel, Germany

2017.   International Conference, Department of South Asian, Tibetan & Buddhist Studies (University of Vienna) and Institute for Social Anthropology (Austrian Academy of Sciences): Medicine and Yoga in South and Inner Asia: Body Cultivation, Therapeutic Intervention and the Sowa Rigpa Industry. Conference co-organizer & chair, August 1-3, Vienna

2016.   IASTAM-India, First International Conference on Advances in Asian Medicine (ICAAM), Special RATIMED Symposium on Tibetan Medicine: The Emerging Sowa Rigpa Industry in Asia. Symposium organizer, January 5, Pune, India

2012.   AG Medical Anthropology International Conference: The Interstitial Body: mapping the space between medicine and the nation. Organizer & chair of invited panel, November 29-December 1, Vienna

2012.   AAA American Anthropological Association Conference: Of National Bodies, Borders, and Medical Nations: rethinking the body politic. Organizer & chair of invited double panel, November 14-18, San Francisco

Keynote lectures

2023.   International Symposium of Traditional Mongolian Integrative Medicine II: The Mongol Branch of Sowa Rigpa – Traditional and Integrative Medicine in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and Buryatia. September 20, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Zoom presentation)

2021.   International Symposium of Traditional Mongolian Integrative Medicine: Historicizing Brand Value – a comparison between Mongolian and Tibetan medicine. September 23, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Zoom presentation)

2018.   BRICS International Medical Forum: The Northern Branch of Sowa Rigpa: Tibetan-Mongolian Medicine in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and Siberia. November 20, Moscow, Russia

2016.   100 Year Founding Anniversary of Men-Tsee-Khang: Tibetan Medical Education Outside China. September 13, Lhasa, China

2016.   IASTAM-India, First International Conference on Advances in Asian Medicine: The Transnational Sowa Rigpa Industry in Asia. January 5, Pune, India

Invited papers & lectures

2023.   National University of Singapore, Asia Research Institute, „Workshop on Medicinal Animals and Asia“: A Case of Faunal De-Medicalization? Animal Medicines in Contemporary Sowa Rigpa Pharmaceutical Practice. May 11, Singapore

2023.   Central Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies, Dept of Sowa Rigpa: Lecture on Research Methodology. April 12, Sarnath, India

2022.   University of Vienna, Dept for Social and Cultural Anthropology, „Habilitationskolloquium“: From Tibetan Medicine to Asian Medical Industries – Trans/Nationalism, Pharmaceutical Assemblages, and Socioeconomic Transformations of Asia. October 18, Vienna

2022.   Mongolian Academy of Sciences & Mongolian University of Science and Technology, „Symposium on Traditional Mongolian Veterinary Medicine“: Traditional Veterinary Medicine in Mongolia – a preliminary historical and anthropological perspective. July 7, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2022.   Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) book launch, „Anthropology in Motion: Encounters with Current Trajectories of Scholarship from Austria“: Tibetan Medicine and the Remaking of Inner Asia. February 22, Zoom event

2022.   Cambridge University, Mongolia and Inner Asia Research Unit (MIASU): Reappraising Mongolian Medicine: communism, continuity, and a bigger picture. January 25, Cambridge, UK

2021.   Otoch Manramba University, Ulaanbaatar, 30th Anniversary International Symposium: The Development of the Traditional Mongolian Medicine Industry. November 29, Zoom conference

2021.   Palacky University, Olomouc: Gauging the Pulse of Asia. Traditional Medicine and Capitalist Transformations. November 25, Zoom lecture

2021.   University of Oslo, Dept of Community Medicine and Global Health: An Elephant in the Room? Sowa Rigpa as an Asian Medical Industry. March 16, Zoom seminar lecture

2021.   Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram: Tibetan Medicine Between Traditional Knowledge and Modern Science. February 24, Zoom seminar lecture

2020.   ÖAW Öffentliche Sitzung der phil-hist Klasse: Bericht aus dem Institut für Sozialanthropologie. March 5, Vienna

2019.   Padma AG & Uni Bern international workshop, Probing Flexibility – Tibetische Medizin im internationalen Kontext: Neue Erkenntnisse zur tibetischen Medizinindustrie – Resultate des RATIMED Projekts. June 27, Zürich

2019.   UC Berkeley Symposium: Reflections on Traditions and Technologies – Ethical Engagements and New Directions in the Study of South Asian Medicines. April 4, Zoom conference

2018.   Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Anthropology and Ethnography: The Northern Branch of Sowa Rigpa: Tibetan/Mongolian Medicine in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and Siberia. November 22, Moscow

2018.   Anthropological Atelier, Oriental Institute (Czech Academy of Sciences) & Institute for Social Anthropology (Austrian Academy of Sciences): From Tibetan to Mongolian Medicine. Contextualizing Historiography and the Emergence of a Pharmaceutical Industry. June 7, Prague

2018.   Third International Conference on Tibetan Medicine: Sowa Rigpa in Asia – A Quantitative Overview. February 26, Sarnath, India

2017.   Harvard Medical School, Third Annual Conference of the WFCMS Specialty Committee of Tibetan Medicine: From Local Health Tradition to Transnational Industry: The Alienation of Tibetan Medicine. October 7, Boston

2017.   Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München: Traditionelle Mongolische Medizin: Kontinuität und Wandel in globalem Kontext. June 26, Munich, Germany

2017.   Otoch Manramba Mongolian Medical University: Sowa Rigpa in Modern Asia: From traditional medicine to innovative industry. March 16, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2016.   Oxford University ArgO-EMR Seminar, Botanical Ontologies in Asian Medicine: The Pharmaceutical Assemblage: Rethinking Sowa Rigpa and the herbal pharmaceutical industry in Asia. November 9, Oxford, UK

2016.   British Academy & Royal Anthropological Institute, Anthropology in Austria Day: From Buddhist Deities to the Spirit of Capitalism: Tibetan Medicine and the Remaking of Inner Asia. November 8, London, UK

2015.   World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Tibetan Medicine Committee Inaugural Conference: Pharmaceutical Assemblages: Assessing the Transnational Sowa Rigpa Industry in Asia. August 7-9, Xining, China

2015.   Globhealth ERC Advanced Grant Conference, From International to Global: Knowledge, Diseases and the Postwar Government of Health, CNRS/ INSERM/ CERMES3: From Scarcity to Profit: Traditional Medicine and Global Health. February 12-14, Paris, France

2014.   National Rehabilitation and Early Detection Center: From Traditional Medicine to Pharmaceutical Industry: The development of Sowa Rigpa in Mongolia, India, China and Bhutan. December 3, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2014.   International Symposium, Institute for Social Anthropology & Department for South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, Transforming Tibetan Anatomy. Panel chair & welcome speech, June 12-13, Vienna, Austria

2014.   Argo-EMR Workshop on The Transmission of Tibetan Medicine, University of Oxford: Tibetan Medical Education in Exile. May 22-23, Oxford, UK

2014.   National Conference on Medicinal Plants, Government of India (Council for Development of Rural Areas, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Dept. of AYUSH, Dept. of Biotechnology): Assessing the Role of Materia Medica in Traditional Pharmaceutical Industries: The Case of Sowa Rigpa. February 21-22, Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, India

2014.   Azim Premji University & St. John’s Research Institute: The Development and Preservation of Tibetan Medicine in India & Reassembling Tibetan Medicine. February 10-11, Bengaluru, India

2013.   Anthropological Atelier, Institute for Social Anthropology: Rupture of Exile, Risks of Loss: Preserving Tibetan medical Knowledge in India. December 4-6, Vienna, Austria

2013.   Wednesday Lecture, University of Vienna: Reassembling Tibetan Medicine: the formation of a transnational Sowa Rigpa industry in contemporary India, China, Mongolia and Bhutan. December 4, Vienna

2012.   AAA American Anthropological Association Conference: Alternate Imaginaries: Tibetan medicine, ethical bodies and the modern nation. November 14-18, San Francisco, USA

2012.   Universität Rostock, 6th Symposium of the Graduate School on Cultural Encounters and the Discourse of Scholarship: The Politics of Preservation and Loss: Tibetan medical knowledge in exile. September 27-29, Rostock, Germany

2011.   Cardiff University: Making a ‘Medical System’: Tibetan Medicine in Exile. January 21-22, Cardiff, UK

2010.   Bhutan Exhibition, Wien Energie Haus: Wie ‘wissenschaftlich’ ist die Tibetische Medizin? Beobachtungen zur Effektivität, Qualität und Überprüfbarkeit eines traditionellen Heilsystems. August 25, Vienna

2008.   Indian Institute of Advanced Study: Marketing the Tibetan Cause: Tibetan Medicine between Business and Politics. March 13-14, Shimla, India

2008.   French Institute of Pondicherry: Shifting Registers of Illegitimacy: Tibetan Medicine in India. March 7-9, Pondicherry, India

2006.   French Institute of Pondicherry: The Institutionalization of Tibetan Medicine in the Indian Exile. May 30, Pondicherry, India

Conference papers & lectures

2021.   ECSAS European Conference on South Asian Studies: (Con)textualizing Asian Medicines – the „documentization“ of Sowa Rigpa and the anthropology of texts. July 26-29, Vienna, Austria (online)

2020.   EASA European Association for Social Anthropologists Conference: Asian Health Industries – the success and obsolescence of ‚traditional medical systems‘. July 21-24, Lisbon, Portugal (online)

2017.   ICTAM-9 International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines, IASTAM: Gauging the Transnational Sowa Rigpa Industry: Patterns, Dynamics, and Modes of Production. (with Harilal Madhavan) August 8, Kiel, Germany

2017.   International Conference on Medicine and Yoga in South and Inner Asia, University of Vienna & Austrian Academy of Sciences: The Emergence of a Traditional Mongolian Medicine Industry. (with Harilal Madhavan) August 2, Vienna

2017.   Transfigurationen. Conference of AG Medical Anthropology, Medical Anthropology Switzerland, Vienna Dialogues in Medical Anthropology, University of Basel: Von Medizinsystemen zu Medizinindustrien: Medizinanthropologische Transfigurationen traditioneller asiatischer Medizin. February 17, Basel, Switzerland

2016.   IATS International Association for Tibet Studies Conference: Humanitarianism from Below: Tibetan Medicine and Nationalism in Global Context. June 19-24, Bergen, Norway

2013.   ICTAM-8 International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines, IASTAM: Reassembling Tibetan Medicine: The Formation of a Transnational Sowa Rigpa Industry. September 9-13, Sancheong, South Korea

2013.   EASA-SMA European Association for Social Anthropologists – Society for Medical Anthropology Joint International Conference: Engaging the World through Tibetan Pharmaceuticals. June 12-14, Tarragona, Spain

2012.   AG Medical Anthropology International Conference: An Alternate Body Politic: Tibetan Medicine and Nationalism in Exile. November 29-December 1, Vienna, Austria

2011.   AAA American Anthropological Association Conference: When Experts Meet: the politics of theorizing the other. November 16-20, Montreal, Canada

2011.   DGV Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde Tagung: Die Alchemie exil-tibetischer Identität: Anmerkungen zur pharmazeutischen und politischen Wirksamkeit tibetischer Pillen. September 14-16, Vienna

2010.   University of California, San Francisco: Tibetan Medicine in Exile: the ethics, politics and science of cultural survival. May 12, San Francisco

2010.   Austrian Academy of Sciences: Of Potency and Impotence: Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Modern Quality Control. March 25, Vienna

2009.   ICTAM-7 International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines, IASTAM: Joining Forces: The Marriage of Modern Science and Tibetan Medicine in Exile. September 7-11, Thimpu, Bhutan

2009.   ICTAM-7 International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines, IASTAM: Is Tibetan Medicine ‘Indian’? The Recognition of Sowa Rigpa in India. September 7-11, Thimpu, Bhutan

2006.   AAA American Anthropological Association Conference: Ethics of Survival, Politics of Altruism: Tibetan Medicine in Exile. November 15-19, San Jose, USA

2006.   IATS International Association for Tibet Studies Conference: The Identity Politics of the Dharamsala Men-Tsee-Khang in India. August 27-September 2, Königswinter, Germany